qq飞车手游源极之星星穹之矢价格介绍 具体介绍

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The star of Xingqiong in \"QQ Speed Mobile Games\" is the epic skin of the star EXA. Players can be obtained by using mech source stone for 30 diamonds/pieces, so today I will introduce you to youLet's take a look at the price of the stars of the QQ Speed mobile game. Do n’t miss it if you need it.

\"QQ Speed Mobile Games\" Star Dome of the Star Dome

You can at the event periodGet the skin through participating in related activities. This skin is mecha style and is very handsome.

From May 1st-May 31st, drivers can use mech source stones (priced at 30 diamond/pieces) to get in the treasure hunting-source skin summons!

Each energy has a probability of activating the energy grid, and the energy grid of the special border can also be randomly obtained from the 10*rewards above.Activate the energy grid; of the 10*rewards, there are 4 source polar crystals, the source polar crystals are exchanges, and the three stars of the stars of the source pole can be redeemed!